NP Manager ( Alternative of MT manager with Extra Cool Features )

Apk Package Info:
App Package: player.normal.np
Android Version: 4.0.1 and up
App Developer:MT_Braggling

Produced by MT_Braggling Email: 2863678687@qq.com QQ group: 832860549
Function introduction: Mainly simple application to Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, video and audio files.

Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0--High-efficiency direct obfuscation of dex, support for four major components of obfuscation, support for multiple dex;Apk function--DEX obfuscation and confrontation;
mutual conversion of Dex, jar, and smali files;
merger of Dex and Pdf files;
Apk, dex , Jar obfuscation and string encryption;
Apk signature, coexistence, removal of signature verification, dialog cancellation, removal of 
VPN/agent detection;
Res resource obfuscation;
Pdf encryption, segmentation, extraction, removal of encryption restrictions, deletion of pages;
video transcoding, Cut and extract audio/video streams, custom audio/video operations;
folder transcoding GBK<-->UTF-8; So file viewing character constants; Apk reinforcement judgment, Dex editing (batch deletion); High compatibility String encryption (Apk, dex); 
Toolbox (common string conversion, such as base64, des, md5, hexadecimal, Unicode, blanking, etc.); Smali file to Java; One-click add Xposed detection, one-click add bomb Windows and dialog boxes; axml decompilation/recompilation, arsc file viewing character constants; one-key LOG injection, one-key removal of all pop-up windows (Toast); one-key injection of strings to decrypt LOG, Dex file change package name; multiple Apk String encryption scheme (the first and last three types of Apk string encryption and anti-MT one-key decryption); One-click addition to prohibit screenshots, one-click addition of Apk crash log records; XML text code formatting; Dex file viewing character constants;
 First of all salute to MT. MT handles many details very well and is very attentive to users (MT-very NP). Secondly, salute to PanGolin. The UI framework refers to AX. In addition, thanks to TimScriptov for his contribution in translating the App to Russian.v
Android APK obfuscation scheme-direct obfuscation of dex files
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